Guest Blogging – Effective Planning Works For the Host Blog Writer and the Blog Poster

Guest blogging is a way to network, list building, branding and getting targeted traffic to your blog. You get to know other who blog and your name becomes familiar in blogging community.One of the two parties that is the guest and the host blogger, has to be looking for the other partner. It could be one post to a few posts as agreed upon by both the parties.Host blog writer looks for the guest poster when:1. Host does not have the time to continue writing the blog.2. If host blogger is going on vacation and does not want the readers to feel unattended, the need of a guest poster comes up.3. There could be several other changes that prevents the original owner not to continue adding new posts to the blog, a guest blogger can easily fill in the spot.Sometimes there are guest posters who are looking for a host blogger for reasons of their own. Some of the common reasons are as follows:a. To increase readership of the personal blog. Once you write on other peoples blog you will be known in the blogging community and by lots of blog readers.b. Guest poster links to the post that he writes and this provides high ranking blog traffic to the guests original blog and some of Google attention is directed to the post writers blog too.c. Guest poster is able to add a picture, email address and a by line about the author and that creates a larger readership and branding, which helps the guest to be known as a pro blogger.d. Answering to the comments of the guest post, the blog post writer is able to create better relationship with new readers, the readership can bring a tremendous increase by writing few blog posts in few other blogs.So, guest blogging is a technique that helps both guest and the host of the blog. But sometimes the agreement to guest posts does not work that well. This has been the common problem of this technique.But if host blog writer plans well and has a joint venture agreement to work on, this hurdle is easy to overcome. As guest poster is trying to be competitive and have a name in the top blogging community, get blog traffic, and have more readership. The guest blogger still gets everything but at the same time follows the rules of the host and as a result both the parties are satisfied. Some strategies of the effective plan are as follows:1. This plan has to be ready before looking for a partner to add guest post.
2. It should be written to save the interests for both the parties.
3. Guest poster must read the agreement and feel it saves his interests.
4. Host blog writer will have a worry free break and guest poster gets the best exposure.It will certainly be joint venture agreement with synergistic effects for both parties.

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